Work from Home Freelance Content Writer – Hiring in all States

We are on the hunt for some seriously awesome content creators and won’t stop until we have the best network of SEO content writers in the world!

If you are able to consistently deliver premium-quality written content on-time, then WordAgents would like to offer YOU an invitation to join our ever-expanding team of wordsmiths.

What you’ll do:

  • Core Skills: We expect all writers on our team to exhibit high-quality writing skills. Proper spelling and grammar are at the core of what we do. 
  • Internet Research: Our writers can use the internet to quickly research topics in which they have no prior experience or knowledge.
  • Team Players: We support each other. Writers on our team need to be friendly and work with several members of our staff when assigned to our projects. 
  • Aesthetics: Besides providing valuable information, our content needs to look as well as it reads! Our SEO content writers need to be able to structure and format their writing in an aesthetically pleasing way. 
  • Details: In order to create rank-worthy content, we need to ensure that our team is obsessive over the details. 
  • Communication: We place an increasing amount of value on writers who are inquisitive and show the desire to satisfy the expectations of our clients. Writers who communicate early and often tend to see the most success. 
  • Flexible: We strive to improve consistently. Our writers need to be flexible enough to take constructive criticism and adjust appropriately.

What you should have:

  • North American: We currently only hire American and Canadian citizens for content writer jobs. 
  • Quick Communication: You’ll need to accept assignments within 24 hours of them being assigned to you.
  • Project Management: You’ll need to work within our project management system to accept and submit all projects, as well as communicate with the team. 
  • Deadlines: We maintain strict deadlines for all projects and expect all writers on our team to meet them. 
  • Order Briefings: We provide comprehensive instructions for every project. Writers must follow these directions exactly as provided. 
  • Factual Correctness: All writers within the WordAgents network need to research every article to ensure all statements are factually correct. 
  • Spelling & Grammar: Writers are expected to deliver writing that exhibits perfect spelling and grammar.
  • Plagiarism: All content must be free from plagiarism at all times.


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