Work from Home Learning Content Designer – Hiring in all States

This role blends knowledge translation and visual design skills to distill complex clinical and technical concepts into active learning media end-users can rapidly understand and put into practice. As a key content contributor in OCHIN’s learning health system, this role employs evidence-based approaches such as user-centered design thinking, neuroscience, cognitive linguistics, and adult learning theory, as well as graphic medicine/graphic public health and visual design principles, to innovate dynamic media that accelerates learning, moves knowledge to action, and helps end-users apply OCHIN innovation to positively impact health and health equity.

What you’ll do:

  • Works in close partnership with the Improvement Publications Editor to continually develop fresh original content for the OCHIN Improvement Publications portfolio with an emphasis on processes that translate clinical and technical knowledge into practical application.
  • Conducts reviews of academic and gray literature.
  • Consults internal and external subject matter experts to inform content, Records interviews with primary sources.
  • Convenes cross-disciplinary teams of subject matter experts as needed for each particular project.
  • Applies evidence-based approaches and design principles to innovate the ways OCHIN Improvement Publications packages and delivers media to accelerate learning; Examples include user-centered design thinking, visual design, cognitive linguistics, neuroscience, gestalt psychology, gamification, and adult learning theory to inform layouts, callouts, graphics, data visualization aids, illustrations, digital interactive tools, apps, video, virtual reality (VR) tools, etc.
  • Employs UI and UX approaches to innovate digital interactive educational media to support the learning health system in the virtual space
  • Stays current with trends at the leading-edge of virtual education; adult education; health education.
  • Oversees translation of content into languages other than English; Vets translations with fluent clinicians/informaticists to confirm clinical accuracy and cultural sensitivity.
  • Demonstrates firm grasp of quality improvement methodologies and translates content through a QI lens; Enhances QI with implementation science and change management methodologies.
  • Communicates with grant administrators to monitor allocations and timelines for deliverables.
  • Collaborates with OCHIN webmasters to design webpages that optimize end-user navigation and capture data about end-user behaviors.
  • Coordinates with the OCHIN Analysis and Evaluation Team to embed feedback tools in media disseminated to end-users.
  • Participates in dissemination of materials in partnership with OCHIN MarCom or via designated Improvement Publications proxies. 
  • Serves as an advisor, contributor, or collaborator to various OCHIN workgroups and OCHIN Research projects to conceptualize and develop innovative technical solutions to enhance patient care and health outcomes.
  • Consults on culturally-sensitive/end-user-friendly language to enhance provider and patient uptake of health IT solutions; Develops audio-visual solutions to reduce barriers to care for low- or no[1]literacy patient populations and non-English speakers.
  • Serves on internal and external committees as a representative of Improvement Publications.
  • Consults on concepts and content for adjunct educational curricula in partnership with OCHIN colleagues.
  • Actively seeks opportunities to improve OCHIN systems and processes to advance health equity.
  • Serves as a change agent to drive support for OCHIN’s culture of continual improvement through learning.
  • Manages multiple high-priority projects effectively and efficiently.
  • Utilizes maturity, judgment, sensitivity, and discretion.
  •  Escalates risks and issues as appropriate.
  •  Contributes to the growth and development of the Improvement Publications and Learning and Knowledge Management Team.
  • Actively pursues continuous learning and professional growth.
  • Assists with onboarding interns.
  • Supports and mentors junior Improvement Publications staff.

What you should have:

  • Minimum of three (3) years of experience as a content designer, preferably in the healthcare industry.
  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism, healthcare administration, English, communications, design, or a related field is required, master’s degree desired, MPH highly desired
  • Strong writing and editing skills required 
  • Professional graphic design skills required; Experience with the Adobe Creative Suite required.
  • Command of user-centered design methodologies desired.
  • Knowledge of adult education theory and best practices desired.
  • Knowledge of quality and process improvement methodology(ies) desired
  • Experience producing audio-visual media (e.g., recording and editing podcasts, filming, and editing video using Final Cut Pro or similar software) strongly desired
  • Experience with the Epic EHR is strongly desired
  •  Strong interpersonal, intercultural, customer service, and time management skills
  •  Ability to work well without direct supervision as well as in a team environment


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